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But sex clubs can actually be quite varied, and a lot of fun. Sex clubs are, like the name implies, clubs where people go to have sex.


The Victorian mansion towered above us as nervousness bubbled and churned within my stomach. Fuck it. The DJ blared gunshot blasts of techno music while people wrapped in towels swayed in tribal rhythm.

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The bartender raised a bottle high in the air as two girls made out ferociously beneath him. We were given towels and a key to a locker—ironically, being the only ones clothed, we felt quite exposed. The bearded man, named Leaf, led us past the dance floor to the heated outdoor pool, the steam room, and the sauna, and took us up the stairs to the more private playgrounds.

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You can swap partners, fuck strangers, watch people have sex, or maybe spice up your sex life by having other people watch. I found it nearly impossible to concentrate on what he was saying as the moans of a woman echoed down the hallway and one of walls seemed to be shaking.

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Anyway, that is the end of my spiel. We stripped down, locked our stuff up, and then made our way down to the hot tub. The atmosphere was like a drug. Awkwardness quickly becomes obsolete when you are dangling in the breeze.

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Sure, people will look, but what I found more surprising was that people actually listen. One time, I even had a guy untie the back of my dress. I mean, these inappropriate things happen all the time over there. She calls her sex club an equal-opportunity playground because places like this advocate consensual sex. And, since everyone is naked, the atmosphere is rendered neutral. Thus, women cannot be objectified.

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Here, women are urged to initiate sexual advances, experiment with new relationships, and be sexually free. As I nursed my beer, a blond woman casually slipped into the bubbling water and snuggled up close to my girlfriend.

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She raised her eyebrow seductively and, through a thick German accent, asked if we would like to play with her upstairs. She lightly declined, saying that we were just warming up to the place. She quickly changed the subject. He has the dick of a bull elephant! It was true. I compared it to my forearm and wondered if the thing had a spine.

It probably chews gum and stunt-doubles for Vin Diesel. We stepped outside onto the patio and jumped into the pool, ing a bald man and a shiny-chested girl who was wearing a dog collar and bouncing up and down. Yet why are certain topics on sex still considered taboo in the new millennium?

Since the mids, Western society has been moving towards sexual liberation. Through porn, mass media, and the gay rights movement, we have slowly rooted ourselves in the conviction that the erotic should be celebrated as a normal part of life instead of repressed by family, religion, or state. Perhaps sex clubs like this one, which have been popping up all over Canada, are another vital step in dissolving the stigma of shame that still persists around sex.

One first time at sex club shot of gin and we were burning like a Molotov cocktail.

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My girlfriend winked and grabbed me by the hand before leading me up the stairs. I heard a loud buzzing coming from the second floor. People surrounded and cheered as a woman in leather bounded herself in chains and ropes while rocking herself back and forth on a sex swing. We continued upstairs to the red room and pulled the curtains shut. First time at sex club giant leather bed stretched across the entire room and little windows rested in one wall. We are a devoted couple, but a little exhibitionism never hurt anyone. We made love tooth and nail.

She bent over, legs spread, her face to the mattress. She twisted her head and kissed me. The fire was roaring; the chemistry was unbelievable. I felt her relax into the clutches of a mid-orgasm daze.

1. there are rules. so many rules.

It is about extending your comfort boundary and exploring sexual territory in an open-minded environment. Liberation is here. Ladies and gentleman, let your erections guide the way. Oasis Aqualounge is a s ex club in Toronto, Canada.

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My first time at a sex club and I brought my girlfriend.

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In the upper level of the sex club, the lighting was dim.


My slight fetish for public sex and exhilaration with voyeurism aside, I've always just felt that a sex club would be the latex-seated home to my kind of person.


Last night, I visited Le Boudoir, a members club that hosts sex parties every week, held at a secret London location.