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The original County Club building, built gentlemens club in guildford Joseph Pickstone inwas probably intended as a gentleman's residence, as domestic properties were a feature of the High Street until the early twentieth century. The County Club was formed in and began with members in January which had risen to by the end of the year. Charles Dodgson's nephew was a member recorded which influences the of Lewis Carrol references around the Club. Records from report that there were gentlemen members, lady members and 44 wives of members who made use of the Club. Inan average day saw 16 morning coffees, 20 lunches and 10 afternoon teas served.


The hour is late.

The day is Saturday. You should have gone home hours ago. You're pushed not once, but three times in the space of a minute by huge angry men in t-shirts that are two sizes too small. The harsh disco light beats down, illuminating the Burton jeans and Primark t-shirts that stretch on as far as the eye can see.

Landlady torn off a strip in 'gentleman's bar' row

You think about ending it all, sacking it off, going back to the comfort of mum and dad's. But then you realise that your home friends will never forgive you if you call it off before midnight. You wish it was a nightmare, but no it's very real, you're out in Guildford. You've accepted the Whatsapp invitation for a big night in town.

You'll start at Spoons. The cheap spirits will be free-flowing, served from warm glasses by people you hated at school.

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The chat will be equally tepid, asking your mates from school how they're enjoying their course, whether they're still shagging that guy from halls, if they know what they're doing with their summer yet. At some point, as the Guildford club scene rages around you, Spoons will change from old man pub supreme, to a Plub nightmare.

The danceloor will light up, the body-cammed bouncers with be summoned and the masses will come to play. You and your mates will start ordering the outrageously cheap pitchers, and your level of drunk will start slowly gentlemens club in guildford surely ticking up. Maybe the first time they play Starships you'll be pissed off, but after the third play of Nicki Minaj's Magnum Opus, you'll be on the D-floor in the middle of a hen do, WKD in hand.

And herein lies the fatal flaw of Guildford's nightlife scene. To enjoy the hellscape, you have to get drunker than you would anywhere else. And when you get this drunk, you make terrible choices.

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Like choosing to carry on your night out, instead of going home after Spoons. If you do, you're faced with the choice of old, gentlemens club in guildford marriage hen parties in Popworld, Teens going through their house music phase in 33HzEvery estate agent in Surrey trying to be flashy in Bar Thirteen and well, Casino. There have been thousands of words written about the experience that is Casino, most of them negative. I don't need to mention the fact that Cheryl Cole committed a racially motivated assault there in I don't need to bring up the picture of the mushroom farm that grew out of the toilets.

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I don't even need to tell you about the hundreds of Z-list club appearances by the likes of DappyAlex Mytton and the cast of Geordie Shore. Because you already know it all. And yet, despite your better judgement, despite every inch of you screaming that you know how a night out in town is going to end, you do it anyway.

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You subject yourself to the sights, smells and horrible individuals that frequent the largest nightclub in Surrey. You get the J-bombs in and you smash through fags in the bizarrely tropical smoking area.

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You venture downstairs to the "Lion's Den", the former home of Guildford's midweek strip club. You'll go way too hard, dance on the stage, and sit on those weird deep sofas when it all gets too much.

And you won't regret a second of it. Don't pretend you didn't plan it months ago. Josh Kaplan.

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And then you'll do it all again the next time you're home. Every Cheryl single ranked from great to greatest Harrison Brocklehurst. Here are their stories Izzy Schifano. People are trying to draw Shrek from memory and the are harrowing Harrison Brocklehurst.

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Enough debate: These are the best teen dramas of all time Harrison Brocklehurst. Why can we go to a club with hundreds of people, but not sit next to them in a lecture? These 31 memes about The Woman in the Window are so good they make up for the awful film Hayley Soen. Two of the kids from School of Rock are actually dating, 18 years after the film Greg Barradale. Debunked: Does your iPhone really take photos of your face every five seconds?

Look here, guildford is the worst town in the uk to go out in and i refuse to let you say otherwise

Harry Ainsworth. Sophie Butcher.

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We asked waiting staff who the worst people in pub gardens are right now Viola Baker. These are all the British celebrities who went to private school Lydia Venn.

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Our hour full-service adult club is located in the prosperous factory area of Guildford, in a quiet and tidy courtyard.


We were looking to move but this will make us put our skates on.


At our exclusive club, you can enjoy seductive strip shows and pole dancing, while you relax with a drink in our comfortable surroundings.