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Jul 4, News. Extramarital affairs can spell disaster for many a relationship. But what if there were some sort of d adultery which both parties shared a passion for? Well, break out the bubbly, the baby oil and the satin sheets, because swinging is back. It looks shocking.

Australia's hottest swingers club

Look, you can see where my swimmers were. Marcus was manning the video at the time.

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Welcome to the world of swingers. A secret place where etiquette demands that sex be separated from love. Where couples live out their fantasies with other couples, and then retreat together back sex club for couples their children and their mortgages. For some it is liberating, for other sit appears to be a sad search for meaning. Partner swapping is on the rise across Australia, moving on from the key parties of the s — a sexual lucky dip in which guests dropped their car keys into a bowl and the women went home with owner of the key they picked. But with anxiety about the disease dwindling, and withy Internet providing a new forum for meeting like minds, swingers are back.

In Brisbane, there is even Club Cuddly to cater for the larger-sized swingers. When it held an opening party recently, 70 couples from the Cairns area alone turned up for a night of debauchery. Sex industry lobby group the Eros Foundation conducted a survey of swinging magazines acrossAustralia — Searchlight in Sydney, Australian Vixenin Melbourne and Australian Rosie in Brisbane — and scanned the growing of contact sites on the Net. By its count, 10, new were being sex club for couples across Australia each month for couples seeking couples.

Almost anyone into swinging in Sydney eventually finds his or her way here. They have never told any of their friends or family about their involvement in the scene, but, after some deliberation, agree to allow me to go with them to a party at the club. Their three children have been sent to their rooms early and Laurie gets up every few minutes to make sure they stay there.

Laurie, who is in his late thirties, is a former first-grade footballer who got out of the game just before the big money came along. Tanya is four years younger than her husband,blonde and buxom. There were a hundred or so people there, and one thing led to another and I found myself with nothing on lying on a massage sex club for couples in front of all these people. There were rooms there and we met up with another young couple and went off and had sex with them.

Suburban swingers: why more australian couples are opening up to the idea

It was very exciting, a real turn-on, and we have never really stopped. A decade later, they are still swinging. Once every few months, they drop their children off to stay with their grandparents and head into town for dinner. Getting ready and getting my hair done and all dressed up.

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It is a break from the everyday routine. I really only keep going for him. The Couples Club seems to be one of the few genuine outfits in Sydney. No single men are allowed. Single women are welcome, but they never call.

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I arrive at the club at Appropriate heating, I am to learn, is conducive to good swinging. Upstairs at the bar, a dozen or so couples are taking advantage of the complimentary drinks, reclining on couches or sitting at the bar. What do these people talk about?

Most of them seem to be trying to be amusing and clever without revealing too much about themselves or their true identities. Tanya, at the bar with Laurie, is wearing a white, low-cut peasant blouse. Laurie is in a blackskivvy. They are chatting to another couple about football. Three or four younger couples, all dressed in black, are in a room out the back, playing pool.

Laurie pulls me aside for a chat, to make sure I feel comfortable, and looks back at the sex club for couples talking to his wife. She is sensational. As the night wears on, people disappear downstairs until no-one is left.

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At the base of the stairs is a lukewarm where the last of the couples are getting undressed. To the right is a room with a massive spa. Eight naked people are in it, bugging and kissing. Cohen le me down a hall, through the Kama Sutra Room which has a bed in the middle unduly couches around the side for the sex club for couples of those who like to watch. All the action tonight is in the Bedouin Tent Room. Everywhere I look, people are having sex. Cohen gives me a nudge. Pretty amazing,eh? It is more fascinating than arousing.

About 20 people are lying on the floor in different groupings, all nude, some the same sex ,some mixed.

Sydney swingers club

The room is strangely quiet, apart from the occasional groan of pleasure. A ingestion couple are squatting off to the side, not really knowing what to do, but smiling enthusiastically nonetheless. Laurie and Tanya are kissing each other in the middle of the room.

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After a few minutes, she reaches over and touches a stray breast in a foursome nearby. Back upstairs. I mention the empty room off to the side which has bondage equipment in it. Downstairs, Cohen is waiting for the spa to empty. He changes the water a couple of times during the night. The mood has changed, tensions have been released. Laurie and Tanya are leaning on the bar with two of the six-some. How was it? How do you do it?

What really happens at sydney sex clubs, swingers nights

But as I said before, I could take it or leave it. Testimonials Swinging. Bar Girls Bar Guys.

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The Bar Girl will write your locker on your alcohol, which she keeps behind the bar, she serves your drinks or free soft drinks as you want them, you may the Couples relaxing in the Bar Lounge Area, have a drink, meet and mix with other couples.