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Discussion in ' Sexuality ' started by TexasguyJan 17, Personal info as kik,skype etc.


Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed May 28, My hubby and I are currently having daily sex and enjoying but we have some physical issues that sometimes interfere. One is he currently is having back pain. I thought a sex swing might be good because he could use his arms more tha hips.

Anyone actually use one? Is it less work or more? And before the thread goes off topic I'd preface this with yes we are doing other things to help with the back like sex swing forum on top.?

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Curious about the swing. We also have the ramp and wedge from liberator love the wedge.

Anyone try the esse? Or other liberator furniture? ed Jan 4, It actually does help because you can position the women at the correct height to enter her standing up. The man enters her and then can easily rock her back and forth. Basically there is little to no effort required of the women.

Only times I used them was during group sex when one of the woman wanted to take on several guys. Thank you vinnydee. How was it on your back? Do you think you could also use it for PIA? ed Feb 29, Damn it!

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Oh Gawd. Never tried one. Looks like fun.

Bad back, good back The visuals for a man have to be "outta" this world. What a lucky man he is for your concern. What a lucky women you are for your cun-cern. Red Dog was slain His fur balls, canine teeth and dog bones still rattle in my head.

Back to the dog house Just Sayin'. ed Mar 28, I'm also interested to know. No bad backs in this house but a while back the missus saw one and thought it might be fun to try one. I had a peek in the roof and we conveniently have a suitable sex swing forum in about the right spot in the bedroom so I bought one. I haven't had time to fit a suitable eye bolt yet or make a yoke to spread the upper straps apart though. Soon tm.

On the back pain issue being either upright or flat is better assuming its lower back problems as any other position can cause the pelvis to tilt which causes more pain. A swing might be just the thing to allow fun sex for people with back backs. The awesome visuals will be a huge bonus.

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There's also little stool things with webbing for a seat to allow woman on top positions with the man having to take the weight right on his hips. ed Oct 13, I have not tried sex swing forum of these devices and I doubt I ever will. Ideally you want something that would facilitate more positions, but also something that looks completely natural in the house when not in use for intimacy.

One person here on TAM used to rave about a foldable bar stool! Her legs would be off the ground and she would only be supported by being on top of her husband. According to this guys wife, she felt it was extremely intimate to only have here husband's skin in contact with her between her and gravity.

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While I would be interested in something like this, I'm probably a little too old these days for that much fun. ed Jan 20, I'm more in to a sex hammock. ed Jun 29, Thound sex swing forum. ed Jan 17, I have a sex swing and I love it. As Vinny said, I can be positioned at any hieght and that's helpful, but what is most helpful is that his movements can be minimized by me being pushed away, brought forward, pushed away, brought forward.

I'm the one with spinal problems and it has never aggravated any of my issues. Currently I'm having a problem with certain positions triggering nerve pain down my right leg The sex swing is supposed to be able to accommodate me sitting in it, or laying over it.

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We've never tried me laying over it though. I don't see how the sex swing could alleviate the discomfort if I lay over it. Hmmm, I'm gonna have to get back to you on that, maybe next weekend when my youngest is gone. Anyway, I highly recommend the sex swing.

Thanks for all the replies. I do want a stool with a back. But it would have to be sturdy. As for the asthetics our bedroom is big enough and when not in use it can be put in the closet. Though we are thinking of converting a spare room to a sex room. But I kind like our bedroom.

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I don't know why anyone suffers from empty nest. I love our child but this is a great time of our life with more freedom. ed Apr 7, Obviously, you need to find a sturdy joist to hang it from! Also a lot of people with back problems have sex using various types of wedge shaped pillows. Like these Sex Toys by adameve.

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ed Jun 22, Calling them "bicycle hanging hooks" is traditional Won't fool anyone, but at least they can pretend to be fooled. The 4-poster bed doesn't fool anyone either. Another useful gadget: A towel warmer. Can serve as a toy-warmer - definitely a win on cold days.

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ed May 20, How about a lube warmer? ed Jun 18, Sounds fun! ed Nov 2, We bought a sex swing that hangs in the doorway. I hate it.

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I'm a nearly 6' tall woman though, and my husband is fairly tall too. Perhaps if you are more of a petite woman it would work out better, but for me it really hurt my legs.

Sex swing for adventurous couples!

The one we have uses the legs to hoist the woman up, and the pressure on my legs was just too uncomfortable. I'm so disappointed because it seems to be a good idea but unfortunately not for me due to my height.

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Ours hangs in the doorway and when not in use we can just fold it up and put it in the closet where it has remained for several years now. It's not very big so being discrete isn't an issue.

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One problem: wife wants to lose some weight first.