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Every time I go back to this place, they seem to have fixed it up a bit and it always seems like they have a lot more to do. I think some guys must think that the bigger a dump the club is, the more likely the girls are to be sluts. It's too dark and for a while, the music was too loud. I think some of the girls must have complained that they can't sell dances when the music is too loud to be heard because they finally turned it down to merely deafening.

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There was a bad smell in the club which I think was the guy near me. I changed my seat and it went away.

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There were around 20 girls working. About half were too tattooed for me to consider. A couple looked like if you took them to VIP, you'd be their hundredth guy that night. I had my eye on three girls who looked like they'd be worth spending time with.

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The best looking one was Layla but there seemed to be a waiting line for her and she never came near me except to pass me on her way to VIP with another guy. I settled for Tiffany, a real cute short lady who bragged about being a porn star. The nice thing about this club is how you rarely have to wonder how far the ladies are prepared to go in the VIP. Most of them tell you up front in pretty clear language. I had to talk Tiffany down from an outrageous opening price to something reasonable.

I guess there are guys who don't know any better who take the first offer. Once we'd. Wow I don't even know where to start! I guess I'll start with the club. The club was very dark but the stage was very well-lit. The furniture was a little worn out but not too bad. The seating area seemed very small compared to the rest of the club that must have been for the VIP strip club in upland. I went in at about 6 in the name on a Wednesday. There were no mandatory minimum drinks but the prices were reasonable.

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There was no smoking in the club. The dancers on average were about a 7. There were dancers of all flavors there. Everyone should find what they like. The dancers there were very aggressive. They were very very convincing and none of them were shy.

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Many of them made guarantees that the VIP would be very well worth it. When talking with most of strip club in upland they matters into their own hands one might say. I was glad that I had worn thin running shorts that day. I stayed for a couple of hours had some drinks and decided not to do the VIP but now that I think about it, I sure wish I had.

Have fun out there and Cali boys! Remember, what happens in California stays in California, except herpes! Wrap that rascal! Hadn't been here in a while. It seemed very low energy for a Saturday night a little after nine o'clock. When I walked in I saw that sexy red-head with the big butt, Brooklyn.

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She came right over to me and we talked for awhile. I told her I'd get a dance later. Amber, a brown skin, slim but not skinny woman with a cute face, came and chatted with me.

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She was very personable. I wasn't super turned on by her but I thought she was nice.

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Next a super skinny white girl came up to me. I really wasn't feeling her but I let her talk. She asked if I thought she was sexy. I talked around a response. No need to be insulting. As we were talking a thick, very fair skin black woman or mixed woman was lapping a guy right across from me. She was sexy and giving the guy a workout. I had to find out about her.

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Brooklyn came back around and we did some topless dances. She and I talked about what a VIP would entail. Interesting negotiation but I was not prepared to do a VIP this night. I will be back for her. Finally, I met the thick light skin woman. Her name is Hazel and the dance she gave me was more tease than anything. She said, "I know you enjoyed that.

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Upgrade to VIP. She was sexy but she was kind of spacey. I didn't like her topless enough to really consider the VIP. The dance I saw her give the other guy was far better than the one I got. As always YMWV. I had just moved into the area so I thought I'd see if a club closer to me was was good enough to possibly be an additional option for some clubs that had been good to me, but were farther away.

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The guy at the front was asking a couple of guys to take off their hats and I walked in ahead of them. I'm not sure what all went down between when I left the front area and sat down, but shortly after those guys walked in and sat down the front attendant and a couple bouncers came in strip club in upland politely requested that they not let the door hit them in the ass on the way out.

Not the exact words used, but I think my version of them getting kicked out of the club is more entertaining. Just like any other strip club I've been to, it was too dark to get a good look at the dancers unless they were on stage or walked right by you. As far as cleanliness, I have yet to go to a club that I would describe as clean, but at this place, nothing stood out as being particularly disgusting. When I get to a club, I like to chill and get the lay of the land and see what kind of girls there are in the t before I get any dances.

Her boobs were not very large, but she had a killer ass. I personally just like boobs and prefer them natural whether they be large or small. Her dance was very m The first visit was a Thursday day shift-to-night shift change around 7pm and the 2nd was a Friday evening 9pmpm visit. This review strip club in upland a blend of the two. I had been meaning to try this place as I have read great reviews on here as far as extras and the freakiness of the girls there so I was excited.

When I first pulled up to the club, I realized you can just park on the street out front rather than having to pull into the lot and find a parking space, which is awesome.

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There is a weed dispensery next door to the club which is obvious because you see all kinds of drastically different types of people walking into this little shack of a place lol. I have no problem with the pat-down as it keeps things safe, but I didn't like the rude vibe of the door guys both times. Normally I don't pay attention to the door guy or care as long as they are as courteous to me as I try to be to them, but something was weird about these guys each time.

They seemed off. I also got a speech about no cell phones out while sitting inside and having to strip club in upland a drink each hour? Yuck, relax guys. Let dudes chill and do there thing. Remember we are here to have fun and most of the girls have their phones out all the time anyway.

Let us ch Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. California Upland Tropical Lei. Tropical Lei 5 reviews Add review. Club type: Nude Dancers.

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Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. Password Remember Me.

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