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Last weekend a few friends of mine from Germany came to Thailand for the first time and of course they chose Bangkok to spend the first and final days of their three week trip.


Touching, grabbing, flirting is fine at the club… but everything sex-related is not included on the menu. You get a table like in a regular club, look at what is going on on stage, drink with your friends and of course you can invite girls to you.

Believe it or not, the PIMP is also where a lot of business deals are finalized. Which is a good way to spend some time with them and decide if you want her to stay longer, or not. Excluding extras, shot drinks and bar fines. You have something to celebrate?

Im heading to bangkok this May. What would you recommend? Hey Mohammed, thanks for your comment. Definitely a private room there with you mates if you thai girl club. Best experience you can have there. Small room is fine for 2 or 3, you might want to get the medium one for 5. Start with a Karaoke and a few shots to get everyone going and let the magic happen. Hey Lee. But if you have to during the weekend Thursday to Saturdaygo there at 10pm latest to have a good selection of girls left.

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Karaoke got Thai, Asian and Western Songs. I am heading to Thailand this May, we are small group 5 person. Which area should we take?

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Public Area or private room? How much for a memberships fee? If we choose public area with 5 girls for 4 hours? How much is it for each person? Maybe you want some entertainment around and want to see the shows while you drinks with girls next to you. Or you want to go crazy with your friends and have the privacy.

It really depends on you.

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Both experiences are great. Price vary with the of bottles, the brand and the duration of the membership. You can buy it on the spot when you get there. Hello Matt i have a questioni come Bangkok alonecan i book private room with 3 girls?? Hi Sahand. How much would it cost?

My first time in a gentlemen club in bangkok at the pimp

Hey John. Im planning to organize a bachelor party there so Im going in a group of Not all in my groups are drinkers so that fine.

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Nope, count around extra for that. Hey Alex, around 3. Feel free to message me at matt mojosons. Would like to keep the options open. Hey Bro, thanks for the comment. Hi matt Just wanted to go to this g club But i m alone Money no issue Budget of 25 k thb per night What can i get????

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Hey Pankaj, you can have a lot of fun. Hi Matt, Great review you have there. Will they be open? From what I understand, is that Vesak day will fall on a Sunday, but we are thinking of maybe visiting on Saturday night. Do you have any info on whether they will be operating on that weekend?

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If they are, what do you suggest we do? Drop me a message at matt mojosons. Can you explain a little bit more about membership?? I get a info if u take a membership at the pimp, you have to pay And How much for vip thai girl club for 6 peoples and 5 bottles and 7 girls??

Hey Fred, what you heard is right about the membership, price is around that depending on the brand but it has to be 6 bottles of the same brand.

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This only include the membership and the 6 bottles. Then everything else is on top of that. Drop me an at matt mojosons. Hey Jim. But the fun is in the private room.

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As I said above, the private room is all about party, drinking and flirting. Feel free to drop thai girl club a mail at matt mojosons. I am hoping that baht would suffice person for at least hours of delightful experience! Correct me if I am wrong. I am looking at 20K for 6 bottles with 12 months duration period rite? As I am pretty much a loner, do I need to pay for any entrance fees if I bring along guy friends when they are in town?

Hey J, welcome to paradise city. If you buy a membership right now before the end of the month you can get up to 8 bottles for 20k if you choose JW Gold Label thai girl club a 12 months membership. Price varies depending on the brand you choose and duration. You can bring as many guy friends thai girl club you want, you only need 1 person with a membership to get in.

Can you barfine all girls at the pimp and what would be the cost. Can you enjoy in the private room? Almost all of them yeah. Cost is around 10 to 15k for short time. How can your membership help us for a couple of bottles, 5 girls and a private room for 3 — 5 hours. Au taux actuel, If my friends and i take private room can we request for real sex show like the girls making out together? And if we pay more can we touch the girls like play with theidlr titties and pussies?

Weird no, expensive yes. Between the membership, the alcohol, the girl sand maybe a private room, pack at least 15 THB for the night or more.

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We managed to finish 4 bottles that night and are left with 2, which they gave us a card for future redemption. For future visit if my friend could not make it, can i redeem the balance 2 bottles with the card? Or you just send them a message to arrange that, they can probably help you out if you explain the situation to them. Hi Matt i just want to thai girl club I am travelling alone can i know if i can take one or two of the girls for some fun? Is the pimp all about just partying or they are up for some fun too?

Hey Naveed, you can pay a bar fine to get the girl back to your hotel for some fun too.

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But be ready to start a heavy price for it. My recommendation is always the same, go to the PIMP to party, get a girl from smooci or a freelancer for fun.

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Pattaya girls prices, what it costs, and the price you might pay for having sex with girls in Pattaya depends on many different things.


The following post was sent in by James Spillane , a Bangkok expat.